Our Story

Hi everyone, I’m Nick Reames and I’m the creator of Terminal Velocity Games along with my development partner, Matt Shay. We’ve been passionate about playing and creating games our entire lives. Terminal Velocity Games was initially created as part of an entrepreneurship class at the University of Denver but we hope to continue developing games in the future. Look out for the release of our new game Conquering No Man’s Land on this website for our Beta Test. Later look in the Google Play and Apple App Stores!

Our Mission

It’s our goal to create fun and unique games for our players, learn entrepreneurship strategies, and interact with members of our community!


This game and website was originally created for an entrepreneurship class at the University of Denver but, we hope to continue development in the future and ​continue making our game better for an app store release.

Game Design

Together, Nick Reames and Matt Shay, have taken their unique skillsets and created a game we hope will bring joy to everyone who plays it. We got the idea for this game based on what we wanted to see in the app store and we would enjoy playing. From there we conducted primary research and got feedback to improve our game to a wider audience.

Have Any Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our games, bugs, or game design. Consider using the forums for most things but we’re always happy to help if you ask us directly too.

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