Introducing Combat Units!

These are the combat units that are going to be released in the Beta Launch. Credit to Matt Shay

1st Unit: Infantry

This unit is going to be the bread and butter of any combat strategy. It is the cheapest unit and has the fastest attack rate at Beta Launch! Although it’s cheap and attacks quickly this unit has the lowest damage compared to other units. Try and use them wisely to soak up damage and save up money for stronger units!

Infantry Unit

2nd Unit: Sniper

This unit has greater range and damage than the infantry unit but a slower fire rate. It is more expensive than infantry units but useful in certain situations.

Sniper Unit

3rd Unit: Tank

You can’t have a WWII themed game without a tank. This unit has the highest damage but a slow fire rate. It’s very expensive due to its high health and ability to destroy other units with ease.

Tank Unit

4th unit: Howitzer (Anti-tank)

This unit is most useful for dealing with enemy tanks. It deals extra damage to tank units but has a chance to miss non-vehicle units such as infantry and sniper units.

Howitzer Unit
Introducing Combat Units!

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